Understanding Our Approach


In 2015 a group of physician family members founded the American Cannabinoid Clinics with one mission in mind: to deliver precision Cannabinoid Medicine to every patient looking for a personalized approach to healing. Through this mission, patients would finally have direct and lawful access to providers not only extensively knowledgeable in cannabinoid therapeutics and Cannabinoid Medicine, but compassionate in their approach and commitment to supporting them in their pursuits of achieving optimal wellness using cannabis therapies.

Cannabinoid Medicine, also known as Clinical Cannabinology, is the evidence-based clinical integration of Endocannabinology™ - the study of the function, dysfunction and modulation of the complex and intricate endocannabinoid system - with Cannabinology - the study of the pharmacology of cannabinoid and other cannabimimetic biologics.

Motivated to share this information and experience with their professional peers, the founders of The AC Clinics conceived ADVENT Academy with another idea in mind: to provide premier, comprehensive, and elite training services in Endocannabinology™ and Cannabinology.  The ADVENT Cannabinology Compendium for healthcare professionals, ADVENT Academy's first training course, brings health professions current with Cannabinoid Medicine, and for two principal reasons: 1) to help practitioners provide the best informed care to patients and 2) to equip practitioners with a fund of knowledge they can use to advance their professional pursuits and, collectively, advance the practice of medicine. 

These two objectives reflect the three tenets of The AC Clinics:  #1 PATIENTS FIRST: Along with cannabis legalization have come anxious and eager patients looking to healthcare experts for answers to all their cannabis-related questions. Any healthcare practitioner knows how uncomfortable it is to not have scientifically-backed and medically focused answers for patients.  The overarching issue is that patient access to cannabis medicine has preceded the education of healthcare professionals in the field. The solution is to train healthcare professionals in cannabis and cannabinoid medicine, so that patients continue to have access to knowledgeable and trustworthy providers. 

For The AC Clinics, putting patients first in legal medical cannabis markets means providing them with experts who can support them. #2 LAWFUL ENGAGEMENT: Medical cannabis laws vary from country to country worldwide, and from state to state in the US. Given such legal complexity, it is important for licensed healthcare professionals to know what is and is not lawful in their country or state, especially as it pertains to authorizing medical cannabis use, clinically managing cannabis patients, and even participating in the cannabis industry in other ways (i.e. owning cannabis companies, consulting to cannabis companies, or participating in other ancillary operations within the industry to name a few).  Regardless of area of interest, The AC Clinics believes that lawful engagement with patients and the medical cannabis industry at large is a core competency of the healthcare professional in the medical cannabis space. Lawful engagement is competent engagement. 

#3 STANDARDIZED CARE: The AC Clinics is committed to the advancement and standardization of Cannabinoid Medicine, which begins with sound and standardized training. As cannabis and Cannabinoid Medicine become increasingly mainstream, the standardization of clinical care becomes increasingly relevant. In addition to what will be gleaned from expanding research and clinical trials, best practices developed in the clinic and industry at large today will come to define clinical cannabinology.