• Robust Science
    The latest evidence-based cannabinoid research and pharmacology
  • Clinical Guidance
    Analysis, synthesis and response to real-world needs in clinical care
  • Preferred by HCPs
    Instruction methods and styles favored by healthcare professionals
  • The Vital Endocannabinoid System
    Understand how body, plant, and synthetic cannabinoids affect human physiology

CGR™ Annual Subscription


Learn at your own pace, stay up to date, and confidently converse about cannabis by participating in our monthly interactive webinar series, Cannabis Grand Rounds™ (CGR).

ADVENT Academy is the exclusive provider of Cannabis Grand Rounds. CGR covers cannabis science and research, current events, and clinical case studies. 

A new Cannabis Grand Rounds webinar is posted on the first Thursday of every month. These are recorded so you may view them when you have the time.

Live Q&A is hosted by our ADVENT faculty and guest lecturers on the last Thursday of every month at 11am Pacific/2pm Eastern. Join us in real time for these interactive sessions. Can’t make it? These too are posted for you to view at your convenience.

ADVENT discussion groups with faculty and peers are active throughout the month to capture ongoing engagement about new insights from each month's Cannabis Grand Rounds' topic.