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Our job is to prepare you.

When your patients ask you about medical cannabis, what will you say?

Patients today often know more about medical cannabis than their providers. And yet, when they come into your office, they are full of questions....questions they expect you to answer competently. Are you ready to have that conversation?
Our job is to prepare you.

Program Highlights

  • Certification

    After completing this 25-module course, learners earn a Certificate of Completion and the ADVENT Certification of Mastery in Clinical Cannabinology.

  • Cannabis Grand Rounds™

    Learners can attend monthly Grand Rounds to review case studies and engage in open dialogue with faculty and guest lecturers. BEGAN March 7!

  • Online Forums

    Learners can take advantage of online discussions in each module where they can interact with other learners and the course instructors.

Program Features

  • Time Commitment

    Expect to spend 1 hour per module. Starting from your enrollment date, a new module will become available on a weekly basis.

  • Course Materials

    Audio, visual and written materials are available to maximize learning and retention.

  • Q&A

    Take advantage of access to ADVENT private forums to share Q&As with faculty and fellow learners.

  • Review Quizzes

    Low-stakes, no pressure quizzes will help you assess your understanding and retain the material as you go along. Modules awarding CME will be noted.

  • Case Studies

    Case-based learning opportunities ensure that learners gain exposure to real-world cases.

  • Seminars

    Early-bird access to Cannabinoid Medicine networking seminars and ADVENT conferences.

The ADVENT Curriculum at a Glance


  • Take a deep dive into the history and science of cannabis. Plant science and its historical relevance is critical in framing the context for cannabinoid medicine.
  • Learn about the history of cannabis, plant variety and physiology, cultivation and processing practices, regulation, and more. 


  • Study the pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics of cannabinoids, terpenes, and other plant compounds that complement or modulate cannabinoid mechanisms of action.
  • Cultivate an understanding of how body-, plant-, and synthetically-derived cannabinoids affect human physiology.


  • Review the endocannabinoid system (ECS) in critical detail, including healthy physiological function and consequences of dysfunction.
  • Learn how cannabinoids and other modalities modulate this system to restore health and function.


  • Dive into the clinical application of cannabinoid medicine through a systems, disease, and whole body-based approach, including non-cannabis approaches to care, areas of caution, the clinical assessment and plan, the lawful practice of cannabis and cannabinoid medicine, and more. 
  • Harnessing the power of the ECS to restore health will revolutionize medical care. Cannabis medicine is just the beginning.

Pricing Options

  • $1,960.00

    A one-time payment for an entire year (12 months) of full access to training and additional program features.

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Continuing Education


Satisfactory Completion

Learners must read the text version, listen to an audio recording or watch the video and complete an evaluation form to receive a certificate of completion. You must participate in the entire activity as partial credit is not available.  

If you are seeking continuing education credit for a specialty not listed below, it is your responsibility to contact your licensing/certification board to determine course eligibility for your licensing/certification requirement.    


In support of improving patient care, this activity has been planned and implemented by Amedco LLC and ADVENT Academy. Amedco LLC is jointly accredited by the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME), the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education (ACPE), and the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC), to provide continuing education for the healthcare team.

Credit Designation Statement – Amedco LLC designates this Enduring Materials Activity for a maximum of 5.0 AMA PRA Category 1 CreditsTM. Physicians should claim only the credit commensurate with the extent of their participation in the activity.  

ADVENT (ad·​vent | \ˈad-ˌvent\): noun; a coming into place, view, or being; arrival

"The advent of clinical cannabinology is here, where clinicians are concerned with the restoration of function to the Endocannabinoid System as the principal means by which the body heals. Harnessing the power of the ECS to restore health could revolutionize medical care.

- Dr. Rachel Knox, ADVENT Academy Faculty

The ADVENT Standard:

Why choose ADVENT?


  • The ADVENT Cannabinology Compendium was created by world-recognized clinical cannabis specialists, and is rooted in the integration of the findings of world-renowned cannabis and cannabinoid researchers into clinical practice. It is the only training program of its kind, designed specifically for clinical preparedness. 


  • This program is structured to play to the strengths of a variety of learning-types, incorporating video, audio and readings into every module, so that no matter the learning preference, participants remain engaged, and knowledge retention is optimized.


  • Course content is a robust synthesis of the available research and literature. The compilation work has been done for you! Students are also provided with extensive citations, literature downloads, clinician and patient handouts, access to discussion forums, and year-long access to research and clinical updates.


Questions? Call us at 1-800-931-7565 today.

  • What is Clinical Cannabinology?

    Clinical Cannabinology, also known as Cannabinoid Medicine, is the evidence-based clinical integration of Endocannabinology™ - the study of the function, dysfunction and modulation of the complex and intricate endocannabinoid system - with Cannabinology - the study of the pharmacology of cannabinoid and cannabimimetic agents.

  • Who is eligible?

    This training is open to licensed health professionals, other trained allied health professionals, and health coaches.

  • Do I need to have prior cannabis medicine training?

    No. Whether completely new to cannabis and cannabinoid medicine, or well-experienced in this field, the ADVENT program is for everyone. Starting with the history of cannabis and the fundamentals of cannabinoid science, the content builds, comprehensively, from beginning to end so that participants learn and retain program material in a practical way. Additionally, the program uses a variety of learning modalities (i.e. video, audio and readings) to speak to the needs of every learning-type.

  • Is there a certification at the end?

    A certification exam is administered at the end of the ADVENT program, and a certificate of completion is awarded upon submission. The certificate of completion does not denote level of mastery but indicates that the ADVENT training program was successfully completed, and further implies that the awardee is a steward of the advancement of cannabis and cannabinoid medicine. Along with the certificate of completion, awardees will receive an official badge to use in print and web marketing. If desired, the awardee will also be listed in a directory of practitioners who have completed training program.

    A passing score of 85% or more certifies awardees with the official ADVENT Cannabinoid Compendium Certification of Mastery, denoting a competency to practice clinical cannabinoid medicine according to ADVENT's standards of care. If desired, the awardee will additionally be listed in a directory of practitioners who are taking on patients in clinical cannabinoid care who actively offer evaluations for the authorization of the medical use of cannabis in their state, and/or plan to work in consultation to organizations as cannabinoid experts. The certification is good for 2 years when re-certification is required.

  • Does this training offer continuing education credits?

    CME will be available. Modules awarding CME will be noted.

  • Do I have to 'pass' tests or quizzes along the way?

    Quizzes are included with every module for your convenience and to aid in the learning and retention process. However, they are low-stakes quizzes that are offered for your own benefit and are not tallied or tracked, nor are they considered as part of the certificate of completion. You are encouraged to use them, and in order to be listed in the directory of clinicians who have completed the training, you will need to have completed all the quizzes.

    If eligible, a passing grade at the end of modules awarding CME will be required to earn continuing education credit for that module.

  • What is the time commitment? What if I fall behind schedule?

    Through extensive testing we estimate that most health professionals will spend 1-2 hours per week getting through each week's modules. Some weeks may require more or less time than this, depending on the depth of content. Strictly speaking, you are free to go at your own pace. New modules will become available according to schedule, but you will have access to all released content for up to one year after purchase. If you fall behind, you will not miss any material.

  • Is it a self-study course where I can go along at my own pace?

    Strictly speaking, you are free to go at your own pace. New modules will become available according to schedule, but you will have access to all released content for up to one year after purchase.

  • What happens if I have to 'drop out' of the course mid way?

    We hope that you’ll have no reason to voluntarily quit. We’ve done our best to design a program that fits into even the busiest schedule. If you should need to temporarily interrupt your participation, you can return and continue at your own pace. You’ll have access to the materials for one year, which will give you plenty of time to complete the course. This is a non-refundable, self-paced program. You are free to quit at any time, but you will not receive a refund and will still be required to complete the program to receive certification and continuing education credits.